Historic War Games

1:00 pm -

Location: Aull Center 351 Spruce St., Morgantown

Stop by the Aull Center on Saturday, April 13th at 1 PM to participate in or watch a historical wargame! Gameplay will be guided by an experienced gamemaster.

Historical wargaming is the recreation of historical battles through the use of a 3D terrain table over which are deployed model forests, roads, rivers and buildings as well as miniature soldiers and vehicles depicting the actual participants of the engagement. Each miniature represents a certain number of historical soldiers or vehicles and are painted to depict the same color schemes or uniforms as were used by the historical combatants.

Detailed rules instruct the players on how they may move and launch their miniature forces in combat against each other, drawing on extensive research as to what happened historically and why. The rules, and also the reference chats that accompany them, regulate such things as combat formations, movement, command-control, morale and firepower. Dice, from 6 sided to 20 sided, are used to insert the uncertainty that has always been present in war into the game, and thus into the minds of the players as well.

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For more information please call Morgantown Public Library System’s Aull Center at 304-292-0140