History Alive! Presents: Ostenaco (Aull Center)

1:00 pm -

Location: Facebook Live (Aull Center)

Tune in to the Aull Center Facebook Page on Tuesday, November 17th at 1 PM to enjoy a History Alive! presentation by actor and scholar Doug Wood portraying the Cherokee leader Ostenaco for our Native American Heritage Month series!
Over the course of his life from 1703 to 1780, Ostenaco became one of the most important and influential Native leaders in the area that became West Virginia. During the French and Indian War, Ostenaco was a leader of Cherokee warriors who allied with Virginia military leaders against northern tribes fighting with the French. His leadership provided a vital alliance for the British colonial settlements in much of present West Virginia. Ostenaco’s influence contributed significantly to the expansion of English-speaking people into Western Virginia.
Mr. Wood’s portrayal of Ostenaco will include a 15-25 minute monologue introducing the historical, social, and political issues that influenced the Native leader’s life, a 10-15 minute discussion with Aull Center staff in character, and a 5-10 minute discussion with Mr. Wood out of character relating to his research on Ostenaco.
This event will be pre-recorded. Viewers will be able to ask questions of Mr. Wood via comments on the video on our Facebook page. Aull Center staff will convey the questions to Mr. Wood and respond with his answers.
This presentation is a History Alive! program of the West Virginia Humanities Council.