Woodland Mounds in West Virginia (Aull Center)

1:00 pm -

Location: Facebook Live (Aull Center)

Tune in to the Aull Center Facebook page for a discussion of West Virginia’s Woodland Indian mounds with archaeologist Darla Spencer.
The first Europeans to arrive in the Ohio Valley were intrigued and puzzled by the many conical earthen mounds they encountered there. They created wild theories about who the mysterious “mound builders” might be. It was not until the 1880s that Smithsonian Institution investigations revealed that the mound builders were the ancestors of living Native Americans. More than four hundred mounds have been recorded in West Virginia, including the Grave Creek Mound in Marshall County, once the largest conical mound in North America. Join archaeologist Darla Spencer and learn about the Grave Creek Mound and sixteen additional Adena mounds and groups of mounds from the fascinating Woodland period in West Virginia.
Darla Spencer is a lecturer for West Virginia Universities Program for Native American Studies and is a Registered Professional Archaeologist (RPA). She is Secretary/Treasurer of the West Virginia Archeological Society (WVAS), Vice President of the Council for West Virginia Archaeology, and a participant in the Native American History Council of West Virginia. She was also appointed to the West Virginia Archives and history Commission. She has given presentations throughout the state on the early history of Native Americans in the Ohio Valley as well as papers at archaeological conferences throughout the country. Spencer has been published in the West Virginia Archeologist, the Quarterly Bulletin of the Archaeological Society of Virginia, and wrote several entries on West Virginia prehistory for the West Virginia Encyclopedia (2006). In 2003, she was awarded the Sigfus Olafson Award of Merit from the WVAS for contributions to the archaeology of West Virginia. Spencer developed and taught Introduction to Mound Cultures in 2011 and has taught classes on the early Native peoples of what is now West Virginia and the Ohio River Valley region. She has written two books: Woodland Mounds in West Virginia (2019) and Early Native Americans in West Virginia: The Fort Ancient Culture (2016), both published by American Heritage Press.
This event is part of our series for Native American Heritage Month and will be pre-recorded.