Family Read Week

It’s West Virginia Family Read Week (Nov 15-21) and we planned giveaways and challenges for the whole family surrounding our “mysteries” theme! This week, we encourage you to not only read your children but to visit our branches!

Family Guidebook
Family Reading Tips

Children’s Mysteries Trivia Week (Whole Family)
Each day from Nov 15 – Nov 20, we will release a trivia question on our Facebook page.

The Rules:

  • Submit your question through our online forms (links will be released each day) or stop by any branch location and write down your answer. Each answer is an entry into a drawing at the end of the week.
  • Participants must be a local resident.
  • We encourage you to work together as a family.
  • Correct spelling is not required but judges must be able to recognize your answers.
  • An individual can only submit a response once a day.

Three lucky winners can choose between a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble or Morgantown Escape Room. Winners will be announced on Monday, Nov 22.

Day 1 Question: This mystery series is about four orphaned children who live in an abandoned train container.

Day 2 Question: This mystery series features a detective by the name of Leroy.

Day 3 Question: This mystery series is about Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister.

Day 4 Question: From a mystery series that debuted in 1930, this detective lived in the fictional town of River Heights.

Day 5 Question: This mystery series is about an eccentric billionaire that donated money to his hometown for a new high tech library.

Day 6 Question: This mystery series is about two children, Petra and Calder. In their adventures, they track down an art thief that stole a priceless painting as it was en route to the Art Institute of Chicago.


Detective Science: Fingerprinting Kits (Grades K-5)
Stop by any branch starting November 1st to pick up a fingerprint kit which includes:

  • a fingerprint card,
  • a graphite pencil,
  • cellophane tape,
  • a pattern card, and
  • a magnifying glass.

Supplies limited. First come first serve.

Popcorn Giveaway (All Ages)
Stop by any branch location between Nov 15 – Nov 20 to pick up a free bag of microwavable popcorn. Each packet will have a list of mystery books turned into movies/television shows that we recommend from our DVD collection. Supplies limited. First come first serve.