Lee & McClellan in West Virginia

1:00 pm -

Location: Facebook Live (Aull Center)

Tune in on Tuesday, June 29, 2021 at 1 PM as Aull Center staff share their research on the Western Virginia Campaign of 1861, a military struggle for control of what became West Virginia that featured the involvement of Generals Robert E. Lee and George B. McClellan. This event is part of our West Virginia and the Civil War series.
The western Virginia campaign occurred from May to December 1861 during the American Civil War. Union forces under Major General George B. McClellan invaded the western portion of Virginia to prevent Confederate occupation; this area later became the state of West Virginia. Unionist West Virginians would fight in the campaign while also voting to elect a new governor–Francis H. Pierpont–and ratify a new abolitionist state constitution as part of the 1861 Wheeling Convention. Although Confederate forces would make several raids into the area throughout the remainder of the war, they would be unable to reoccupy the state.