2023 Winter Reading Challenge

From January 1st – January 31st, compete in our “All the Feels Winter Reading Challenge, Bingo.” Register at mympls.beanstack.com. We want you to explore the importance of emotions and discover fun activities to express yourself fully!

The Rules: Receive virtual badges and earn bingo by reading & completing the activities on the 3×3 bingo card to compete in your age category:

  1. Children (ages 5-12)
  2. Teens (13-17)
  3. Adults (18 and up)

The Prizes: We have a prize drawing for each age group — to enter you can either complete bingo or log 240 minutes (4 hours) on Beanstack for your chance to win two Launch Pad Trampoline Park passes (children’s prize), $25 gift card to Black Bear Burritos (teen’s prize), or a $25 gift card to Phoenix Bakery (adult’s prize). The more reading you log, the higher your chances to win the prize drawing! Prizes won from the prize drawings must be picked up in person. The first 140 people to bring their bingo card (with the virtual bingo badge earned) to the Morgantown Public Library will also receive a MPLS mug with hot chocolate as a participation prize. Prizes will be available for pickup February 1st – 15th.

Sign Up:

Register at mympls.beanstack.com

Reading Lists: Need inspiration? Check out our “All the Feels” reading lists! You do not have to read books relating to the theme to participate in the reading challenge — any reading counts towards bingo.

Use Beanstack to Track Your Reading Progress

Beanstack is easy to use and available both online and as a mobile app. Get started by visiting our Morgantown Public Library Beanstack website at mympls.beanstack.org to create your account. You can also register through the app (find out below under “Get the App”).

Note: An email address is required, if you do not have an email address you will need to create one first then come back to register for Beanstack.

Have your Library Card ready and choose how you would like to register (as an individual, registering a child, registering a family or group) and then complete all required fields (marked with *) on the online form. If you do not have a library card email us at askmympls@gmail.com with your full name, current mailing address, and phone number for a temporary library card.

Once registered, you can access your account online or in the app by signing in with your username and password.

Enjoy the fun of reading and unlock achievements!

Beanstack is a website and app that serves as an interactive home for reading challenges and events. It’s your one-stop-shop to not only register for challenges, but to also track your reading habits and unlock badges!

What You Can Do

  • Register as an Individual, Family, Group, or Class
    • Perfect for parents and teachers
  • Track Your Reading
    • Keep a Reading Log
    • Set/Record Session Timers
      • Keeps track of what you’ve read and how long you’ve read
  • Complete Reading Challenges
    • Choose from Youth or Adult Reading Challenges created by the Library
  • Write Book Reviews
    • Now available on desktop and mobile
  • Earn Badges, Incentives, and Prizes
    • Digital badges and achievements as well as prizes from your Library
  • View Highlights
    • Features your badges, stats, and streaks based on your reading habits
  • Manage a Family Member’s Reading Log & Achievements
    • (If registered as a Family) Easily switch views between member profiles without having to change log-ins

Get the App

Find the free app in your Apple App or Google Play store under the name “Beanstack Tracker” and select “Get” or “Install.”

Beanstack in Apple App Store
Beanstack on Google Play Store

Once downloaded, open the app and follow the simple step-by-step prompts to create an account for yourself, your child, or your family/group. If you’ve already created your account through the website, you can skip this step and just sign in to your existing account with your registered username and password.

Registering on the Website vs. Through the App: Since the app does not use our direct website link, the first prompt in creating your account is selecting “Find Your School or Library” and entering “Morgantown” in the search option. Otherwise the process is the same as registering on the website. All fields are required except for phone number.


If at any time you need help with Beanstack, please visit their Helpdesk and type in your question.

For questions related to the Winter Reading Challenge, please reach out to Crystal or Emily at ask@mympls.org.