3-Sentence Horror Story Winners!

Thank you to everyone that participated in this year’s 3-Sentence Horror Story Contest! The challenge was to write a horror story in three sentences. Library staff picked their favorite in each of the age categories (kids, teens, and adults) to win a $25 gift card to Black Bear Burritos and we are pleased to announce the following winners:

Kalli Mahle (Winner of the Kids Category)

Panting for breath, I ran into the dark cemetery, hoping that the police wouldn’t find me there. I whipped around quickly when a cold and clammy hand touched my shoulder and I was thrown to the ground. Hundreds of bony arms grabbed me, rising from the graveyard, pulling me deeper underground, farther, and farther away from civilization.

Ainsley Smith (Winner of the Teen Category)

As I walk down the alleyway, the darkness surrounds me, pulling me in, until I stumble across a man with groceries. I ask him to help me find my way out of here, however I begin to smell a strong, rotting stench. As he begins to look at me, with that evil, bloody smile… I realize those weren’t groceries.

Matthew Monnin (Winner of the Adult Category)

When we first bought our house I found a door in our basement, but when I showed my wife she asked me if I was pranking her because she knew that room had only one door. No one else that I’ve shown the door to can see it or feel it, and when people started getting worried I dropped it to save face. The only reason I bring it up now is because the scratching from the other side is getting louder, and I feel the door will not hold it back much longer.