Books & Brews: Pub Crawl (Aug 12)

The Morgantown Public Library is hosting its first-ever Books & Brews: Pub Crawl for Adults.

Win Bingo and get a bespoke insulated wine mug. To win Bingo, download the Bingo card, complete 3 squares in a row (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal) by visiting 3 local establishments. To complete your Bingo card, you must ask waitstaff/bartenders for the Books & Brews passcode.

The Rules

  • Must visit three establishments to win Bingo (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal).
  • Must have the correct passcode for each location.
  • Books & Brews Pub Crawl starts and ends on Friday, August 12th, during the normal business hours of our participating venues.
  • Waitstaff/bartenders are not obligated to provide passcodes¬†after 10pm, August 12th.
  • Email the completed bingo card by the end of Monday, August 15th, to Cards won’t be accepted after this date.¬†
  • After you have emailed your completed bingo card to, pick up your tumbler starting on Monday, August 15th, at the downtown branch. You will have until August 31st to claim your prize.