Free Tutor Service!

We just got the perfect Covid-19 back-to-school learning tool! Introducing! 3000 tutors are online (2:00pm-9:00pm) to help your family one-on-one with homework, test prep, and job search skills. Select from over 250+ subjects, spanning from kindergarten to college, including adult learners and job seekers (

Chat with a tutor and even opt into a voice conversation. Each 20 minute tutor session can vary based on your need. For example, if you need help with writing, you can connect with a tutor 1:1 for help with brainstorming, create an outline or revision plan, correct grammar and punctuation OR you can just upload your assignment and have an expert tutor review your grammar, punctuation, structure, theme development, citations, and more!

There is NO COST to you. No need to download any plugins. It is done all through the website ( All you need is a library card and internet access (all Morgantown Public Library branch locations have FREE WIFI inside the buildings as well as in the parking lots.)

How it works: