Local Author Spotlight: Tom Bredehoft

Join us on Saturday, February 25th at 2:00pm at the Aull Center to hear local author Tom Bredehoft read from his mystery novel, Foote. In addition to reading an excerpt from the book, Tom will discuss writing about Morgantown and West Virginia cryptids.

“In the space of one weekend in Morgantown, West Virginia, private investigator Big Jim Foote finds himself at the center of two murder investigations. Suspected of one killing at a local festival, he locates the body of a missing person immediately after. The cops are watching him, and Big Jim has a secret he dares not reveal: he is a bigfoot living in plain sight, charged with keeping his people in the surrounding hills from being discovered. To protect the bigfoot secret, he must solve both murders — and convince himself it wasn’t a bigfoot who pulled the trigger. ​Through the course of his investigations, Big Jim is helped by unique and well-rendered characters and friends in both his bigfoot and human communities. Readers are introduced to Appalachian mountain folk and traditional culture in new ways, even while Big Jim experiences the impact of the opioid epidemic on his own bigfoot kin. By centering a mythical creature as the unlikely protagonist in this enchanting literary murder mystery, Foote offers a winsome redefinition of a cryptid ‘monster’ and breathes new life into the PI genre” — Goodreads.com website.