March Dial-a-Stories are Live!

March Dial-a-Stories are Live! Call 304-826-BOOK (2665)!
If you haven’t heard, we now have an always available phone number where you can listen to stories, jokes, and poems. No internet required — just a phone! What you’ll hear is recorded by staff and wonderful community members.
Our menu of choices is varied so we’ve written them out below. At the end of each selection, you will automatically be redirected to the main menu, but if you don’t want to wait until the end, you can hit # to go to the main menu.
Your March story selection:
Dial 1: “The Galaxy Needs You” by Caitlin Kennedy (children’s story read by Lynda)
Dial 2: “A Computer Called Katherine: How Katherine Johnson Helped Put America on the Moon” by Suzanne Slade (children’s story read by Charlotte)
Dial 3: “Little Bear Marches in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade” by Janice Biala (children’s story read by Robert)
Dial 4: Language Line – 陶姑媽的大口袋 by 原京子/ 謝蕙蒙 (Part 2 – Mandarin guest reader Yuchi Ng)
Dial 5: Poem of the Month – “Firstcomers” by James Richardson (read by Lynda)
Dial 6: Joke Line with Sarah Palfrey (for all ages)
Dial 7: Chapter of the Month – “My Father’s Dragon” by Ruth Stiles, chapters 7-8 (for all ages read by Colleen