Now Offering Digital Library Cards

We are now offering digital library cards! These cards give you access to the library’s online collections including, ebooks, audiobooks, comics, magazines, movies, music, along with genealogical research tools, tutor assistance, language lessons, and professional development training ( The library’s digital collections have been specially curated for people of all ages, interests, and formats. It has over 100,000 ebooks and audiobooks alone.

Who Qualifies?

Monongalia County Residents

I already have a library card, can I still sign up?

If you already have a general library card, you do not need to sign up for this new card. You already have access to both the library’s digital and physical collections.

How do I sign up?

Email the application ( to At this time, applications cannot be processed over the phone.

What happens after I submit my application?

Once the application is processed, you will receive a library card and a welcome packet in the mail.