Reading Dragons & Friends

Welcome to Reading Dragons & Friends

Do you like trading cards? Do you hoard books like dragons hoard gold? Then you need to join our new Reading Dragons & Friends program!

This is a collaborative national reading program created by the Dover Public Library in Ohio that encourages children in grades K-8 to read for fun. Participants can track their reading, collect dragon trading cards, and play card games, all while learning good reading habits and gaining a lifelong love of reading!

Reading Dragons & Friends Tournament

It’s time to battle! Kids who collect Reading Dragons & Friends cards are encouraged to bring their cards to our first Reading Dragons Tournament on Saturday, April 27th from 11:00am-12:00pm at the Morgantown Public Library and the Cheat Area Public Library to play against others and win special tournament cards.

Program Highlights:

  • For children in Grades K-8
  • 1st Season of Reading Dragons & Friends will run from January 6th – April 30th
  • For every 30 minutes read, you will earn a trading card (up to 16 cards a month)
  • Collect different Reading Dragons & Friends card families
  • Use these cards to play fun card games with your friends

Registration Information:

Participants (children in grades K-8) can register for the program through our online form or in-person at any of our locations. After you register, you can pick up your registration kit at your home library. The registration kit includes:

  • 3 Starter Cards
  • Reading Tracker
  • Deck Box
  • Dragon Bookmark

Collect the Cards:

You will receive 3 starter cards at registration: a red fire type, a green plant type, and a blue water type.

Three Reading Dragons & Friends Starter Cards.

For Season 1 of the program, there are 21 dragon card families for you to choose from after logging your 30 minute reading sessions. Each of the card families include 4 members — an egg, a child, a teenager, and an adult.

Each month, you can earn up to four different dragon families – you do not have to complete a family before moving on to the next one, but you must progress through each family in order.

If you join the program late, don’t stress! You can work backwards by filling in squares from previous months on your reading tracker – cards (besides the special edition cards) are not exclusive.

We can’t replace lost cards — just keep reading to earn more cards.

Cards must be picked up in person from a Morgantown Public Library System location.

There are two special edition card families that you can earn by coming to our Take Your Child to the Library Day event on February 3rd and our brand-new StoryFest on April 13th!

Card Games:

Once you’ve collected some cards, you’re ready to start playing with them!

Rock, Paper, Scissors

You and a friend each choose one card secretly, keeping it hidden so your friend can’t see what you chose. Then count to 3 and both of you flip over your cards to see who wins.

  • Red beats Green
  • Green beats Blue
  • Blue beats Red

Dragon Duel

Play this game when you have several dragons cards (be sure to write your name on the cards so you don’t get them mixed up with your opponent’s).

Mix up both player’s cards and divide them evenly between both players.
Place your stack of cards face down on the table. Do not look at your cards.
Both players draw the top card on their deck and flip it over at the same time.

  • Red beats Green
  • Green beats Blue
  • Blue beats Red

If you have the same color, the oldest creature wins. (The three starter cards count as an “adult” card for scoring during dragon duel.)
If your creatures are the same age then it’s time to duel:

  • To duel, add two face down cards to the pile, then play one more card face up (red beats green, green beats blue, blue beats red).
  • If you have the same color, the oldest creature wins.
  • If you tie again, duel until there is a winner.

The winner adds both cards to their win pile.
Play until you run out of cards.
The player with the most cards in their win pile wins.

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