Staff Picks for You

Have you tried our Staff Picks For You service:

Shelby is one of our staff members that picks out books based on your preferences! We will select up to 10 books and 4 DVDs based on your individual preferences.

“When picking books the first thing I do is look at what books the patron listed as ones they’ve liked. I find the common theme or tone between the listed books and find books that share that commonality. Sometimes patrons share what they like in a book (i.e. strong character growth, fast paced books, poetic prose, unexpected plot twists, etc) and I’ll find books that include that. I also look at what other people who read those books enjoy. I like to keep in mind the books that are popular and pick from those when I can. If there’s another librarian who I know reads and enjoys similar books to the patron I ask them what books they’ve liked. I try to pick out at least one brand new book to try and ensure they get something they haven’t read before.”

This service is available at all Morgantown Public Library branches, including Arnettsville Public Library, Cheat Area Public Library, Clay Battelle Public Library, Clinton Public Library, and the Morgantown Public library (Downtown location.) Please give us 3 days to fill requests. Library staff will call you when your materials are ready. For additional help or to place your request over the phone please call 304-291-7425.