Teen Fandom Support Group

Teen fans of Minecraft! Join us for our second gathering of our Teen Fandom Support Group and this month we’ll be sharing our love of Minecraft over Zoom on October 15th at 4:30pm.

The plan is to meet on Zoom, however, we may organize an impromptu gathering on Minecraft so we can all play together. When time allows, we’ll talk and share tips.

The goal is to provide teens (ages 12-18) in our community a safe space to talk about their passions while following social distancing guidelines. Each month we’ll have a different fandom topic planned. So be on the lookout!

Register by October 14th at 5:00pm: https://forms.gle/Uty9hnxc1rSTX82r6

Need more inspiration for the meeting? We have compiled a list of recommendations: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16ilW1ud3rIsmh5I5tI5dODaJyUHyUtSw3VRNBHnxypY/edit?usp=sharing